Most Common Issues When Trying To Transport Your Car

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Car Transporting Issues

Moving your vehicle is filled with stress and oversights. It might be hard to anticipate potential car transporting issues associated with the process. Still, here we discuss a few common challenges that may emerge while trying to transport your car:

Problem #1 – Last Minute Car Transport Booking

We’ve seen so many time-sensitive shipments because the customer’s schedule gets disturbed, plus the client experiences delays from underpriced low auto transport quotes. Some companies accept last moment bookings, while others decline the order outright. However, expedited auto transport services are one way out for people who rush to us in emergencies.

Problem #2 – Misinterpreting the Vehicle

Often, misinterpreting the vehicle comes from negligence, misunderstandings, or false assumptions instead of deliberate intentions. But that doesn’t mean people don’t try to misguide us.

Car shipping trucks have limited space and must be very careful with their delivery. They must stay within their cut-off points to avoid hefty fines and ensure safe transportation.

So, for instance, if you make a booking for a Ford Focus, but it later turns out to be an SUV, that too with personal belongings sneakily tucked under the seats or a huge suitcase showing above the windows, without notifying the carrier ahead of time, the carrier most likely won’t be able to load it.

Another common circumstance is that the car was stated to be operational, but the battery died when the driver reached the pickup point. In such cases, neither can we bring the vehicle to our terminal nor drive it up to the trailer for proper loading. Winching remains the only option, which is time-consuming, has extra fees, and delays in shipments.

Problem #3 – Not Prepping the Vehicle for Transport

How apparent is it to prepare your vehicle before it is scheduled for loading? Very much! But poor communication, misinterpretation, items in the car, incorrect booking details, etc., are a few instances where the vehicle may not be readily available to drive off.

What must customarily happen is when you book your shipment, select the most appropriate dates, and then assign the order to the car transporter, you must honor those details. Companies do their best to arrange a suitable pick-up for you; however, whether or not they’ll ensure a timely delivery depends on several factors, including how early or late you get the vehicle ready.

Problem #4 – Poor Communication with the Car Transporter

Lack of proper communication is among the significant problems clients or car transport service providers face. It interferes with the entire procedure, and a slight misunderstanding can affect several deliveries. This is why you must ensure the car meets the travel-specific requirements and inform the carrier about any uncertainties. Be 100% assured when handling the paperwork, especially regarding your name, address, contact number, vehicle details, destination details, agreed quote, additional costs, and more.

Problem #5 – Delayed Auto Transport Delivery

You’re bound to worry about delays when a shipment involves someone’s prized possession and an expensive item. Sometimes, it can be the driver’s negligence, but the reasons may often be out of human control. Besides mechanical troubles, accidents, or extreme weather conations, even if one customer runs late accepting their delivery or turning in the paperwork, it creates a domino effect and impacts all the shipments. It’s best to assume that deliveries get delayed – not always, but don’t panic if they do. That is why most reputable auto transport companies will provide you with a 3-day window for delivery. You can always contact the transporter to track the vehicle.

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The issues we’ve listed above remind us how crucial it is to communicate appropriately and conduct thorough research on the car transport company you want to contract with. As long as you acknowledge your responsibilities and are all-prepped, you can smoothly go about the moving process.

Contact our car shipping experts if you’re still unsure how to tackle the abovementioned problems. They’ll help you clarify these and more such issues. Call us at 855.422.4141 or fill in the form on this page to see if we can assist you with your car shipping needs.

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