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How to Ship a Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

As most of the country is shut down due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, certain sectors, including the Transportation industry, have been designated essential industries by the Department of Homeland Security. A stay-in-place order has been issued for most of the country. Yet, certain situations might force you to transport your car, whether you are a first responder or traveling nurse being asked by FEMA or through an agency to assist in certain critical cities, or even a college student whose campus has been shut down forced to return home. Utilizing a reputable car shipping company, which will take precautions to safely transport your car without the risk of cross-contamination of the virus, will be greatly effective during these times. Below are some helpful tips on transporting your car without putting yourself or the transporter at risk.

How Should I Prepare My Car Before Shipping My Vehicle?Preparing your car for transport during COVID-19

The same preparations should be taken as when preparing your car for transport during regular times. A helpful tip would be, if possible, to leave an extra pair of latex gloves, a face mask, and disinfectant wipes in the car. So just in case you are shipping the car to someone who might not have supplies in hand, they will be able to accept the car without putting themselves in danger safely.

How to Give Your Car Over to A Transporter During the COVID-19 Outbreak.

When the transporter comes to pick up and load your car, you will be in a situation where you will be in close contact with them. It would be best to take the same precautions as you normally would in a public setting during these times. As per the CDC’s recommendation, ensure your mouth and nose are covered to minimize possible virus transmission risk. Make sure to wear disposable gloves and stay 6 ft away during the transfer of your vehicle.

When the car carrier is doing his walk-through inspection of the vehicle’s condition, the transporter will place the condition report down and walk away. You should bring your own pen instead of sharing one as a precaution, so you can sign off on the inspection report to limit your exposure further. Suppose you don’t have your own pen on hand. In that case, the driver and yourself can agree on taking pictures instead as a visual inspection and verbally agreeing that those pictures will act as a binding inspection between yourself and the car carrier.

How Should I Retake Possession of My Car During Delivery?

Please use the same precautions you took when handing off your car to the car carrier at the pickup (origin) location. Once the car has been unloaded and you have signed off on the inspection sheet (or taken pictures as described above), please make sure to wipe off surfaces that are usually frequently touched when in use. Some areas might be the door handle, gear shift handle, center console, radio, rearview mirrors, and most importantly, the steering wheel. When it comes to paying for transport, cash is usually the preferred method of payment. If you must pay in cash, please make sure to put the cash down on a surface and walk away so the carrier can retrieve it at a safe distance.  Ask your car shipping agent if you can pay with a credit card to limit your interactions with others.

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