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Driveaway Service: Pros and Cons of

Driveaway service does just that – drive your car, truck, or SUV away for you! They are companies that will drive your vehicle from point A to point B. There is no loading of trucks, and you don’t have to be in the car if you don’t want to.

Like every type of transport, it has pros and cons. Weighing the pros and cons of driveaway services can help you decide if it’s the best choice for your situation.

Driveaway Service Pro: Your Vehicle is the Focus of Attention

Unlike parking it on a carrier with up to nine other vehicles, your vehicle is the focus of the driver’s attention with driveaway services. They won’t have other cars taking away their attention or the operation of their carrier. They focus only on ensuring your car, truck, or SUV gets to its destination without incident and on time.

Driveaway Service Con: Harder to Get the Full Picture

Transports and carriers come with Motor Carrier (MC) Numbers, and many have highly maintained web presences. The latter means it’s easy to find reviews from previous customers and learn more about the carrier. The former makes it so you can check up on insurance, complaints, and more. Driveaway services don’t have MC numbers and are not regulated as well as licensed motor carriers. It also may be harder to find background information and reviews.

Another worry about getting the whole picture is with the drivers. Those drivers are licensed, tested, and constantly undergo screenings in a motor carrier. Failed drug tests or DUIs result in the loss of a CDL license. With driveaway services, some drivers are part-time employees or even contract employees. They might be full-time drivers who work for multiple companies or part-timers who work when needed. They only need to have a basic driving license.

Pro: Shorter Transit Time

When multiple vehicles are on a transporter, that usually means multiple stops; while carriers generally try to make sure those stops are convenient, each can add time. Over the course of up to nine other vehicles, that could add on a day or two to transit! Those transporters also have to consider the height and weight restrictions and speed limits in their routing.

On the other hand, driveaway services are from Point A to Point B. No stops in between may add hours or days to the trip. It is a straight shot, stopping only for sleep, fuel, and food. This means that driveaway services can sometimes reduce transit time by days compared to conventional bulk auto transport services.

Con: High Price

Being the sole focus of the driver or team of drivers comes with the added cost of being devoted to your vehicle. Unlike a multi-vehicle carrier, there’s no splitting of the costs like tolls or fuel across all clients loaded up. You’ll also be paying for fuel, rest breaks, food and accommodations, and any other transport expenses associated with the service. These might not be obvious or even itemized on a quote, but they are usually included in the overall price. While this may not be any more expensive than using a single-car or specialty transporter option, it certainly will be more expensive than a bulk carrier or smaller yet still multi-vehicle carrier.

Pro: Pack Everything You Want!

Motor Carriers need to make weight limitations and can’t really afford to take the extra weight with them. They may insist your vehicle be empty of personal belongings for weight savings and security – they don’t want thieves taking an interest in their transporters either. However, with driveaway services, you may be able to negotiate all sorts of freight and belongings to go along and more! In some cases, a driveaway service may even have provisions for transporting pets in your vehicle or even for you to ride along without dealing with any driving headaches.

Con: Added Wear and Tear

When using a driveaway service, your vehicle will be racking up mileage on the journey. Not sitting on the back of a carrier cruising along while the carrier puts on the mileage. Your vehicle needs to travel in the hands of a driveaway service added to the odometer every mile. Have a 1500-mile transport? That’s 1500 miles on the tires, 1500 miles of braking, 1500 miles of gas, 1500 miles towards the next service visit, and so much more. On a carrier, that transport of 1500 miles will put exactly zero miles of wear and tear on your vehicle, and it will just be sitting tight and riding along.

Pro: Easy Rerouting

Accident, detour, or road closure? A driveaway service can reroute easily, using the shortest and most direct route. Only small, single-car carriers have this leeway. Large carriers must consider weight and height restrictions, maneuverability, and more. A detour that could add hours, even a day, onto carrier transit may only add minutes to driveaway service transit.

Con: Insurance Gray Area

Both driveaway and auto transport services have the common goal of getting your vehicle to its destination with no issues. But what about an incident or accident along the way? Your personal auto insurance may have a clause stating they don’t cover your vehicle when driveaway services are used. The driveaway company’s insurance service may only cover the driver, not the vehicle. You’ll need to check the fine print in your insurance and the service’s insurance to ensure your vehicle is fully covered. On the other hand, all motor carriers must carry insurance, so if anything happens to your vehicle, you can get it addressed by the carrier and their insurance company.

So, is paying someone to drive your vehicle to its next destination the right option? That’s a question only you can answer after weighing the pros and cons. While there are some pros of driveaway services, the cons have some serious downsides that may outweigh the upsides. Compare the price and include the services of each quote, and understand what you are comfortable with. After all of that, we think you’ll conclude that many cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycle owners have – using Number 1 Auto Transport is the best option.

At Number 1 Auto Transport, we can do what these driveaway services and driver hiring firms can’t: provide speedy, safe, insured delivery by carriers who have made the auto transport profession their career focus. Putting your vehicle in the hands of trained, experienced professionals using the right equipment and procedures ensure your car, truck, motorcycle, or SUV gets the best treatment in long-distance transport.

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