What is the Towing Capacity of a 2022 Ford Explorer?

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How To Tow a 2022 Ford Explorer

Having a car with the added bonus of being easy to tow may seem like an unnecessary add-on in the grand scheme of things. However, if you run a small business, or are planning to move from state to state, and want a relatively affordable way of moving everything back and forth, a car with high towing capacity comes in handy. 

The 2022 Ford Explorer is one model that has been getting a lot of attention on this front, but you’re probably wondering whether or not it’s actually worth the extra cash. The following will help elucidate this machine’s precise towing prowess, and you can decide from there.

All About the Engine

The Ford Explorer possesses a fairly robust engine capacity which features various options. There is the EcoBoost 4-Cylinder which boasts roughly two and a half liters and, if this engine is adequately equipped, can tow at least five thousand pounds. This engine is similar to those used in different performance cars and packs a mighty punch. 

There is also the V6 EcoBoost which is three liters and can come with different levels of tune-up capacity, depending on the trim level, and could tow nearly six thousand pounds. So, the engine is pretty crucial when thinking about how to understand the towing capacity of the Ford Explorer, but you should know that it can be pretty impressive overall.

The Rear-Wheel Drive

One of the essential features that can impact the 2022 Ford Explorer’s capacity is the rear-wheel drive. It allows for fairly new models from 2020 to have a sportier appearance, which affects the 2022 Explorer towing capacity immensely. It helps improve the driving capabilities, and the towing capacity is increased by more than six hundred pounds compared to other models, which is definitely an added bonus.

Brake Controls

Another thing that gives the 2022 Ford Explorer a leg up on the game is the sophisticated brake controls that come with the car. The system brakes allow the driver to selectively adjust engine power, thus ensuring better control and stability of the trailer or cargo attached to the car. Having that towing and trailer sway control is crucial when considering the kind of car you’d like to invest in and whether or not it can double as a towing vehicle.

Gaining Control of the Wind

If the weather is bad, you will have a more difficult drive than normal. The issue becomes even worse when you’re trying to tow something with you. The 2022 Ford Explorer comes with sidewind stabilization, an excellent feature that allows you to remain in control while driving instead of fighting the wind. The program helps to counteract really strong winds, which can throw your towing capacity in for a loop. 

If you’re interested in a car that can easily double up as a convenient vehicle allowing you to tow your belongings, then the 2022 Ford Explorer is worth a look. Of course, you need to make sure that the points mentioned here are as per your requirements and convenience, but once you do, you’re ready to make a purchase you won’t regret.

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