How to Remodel Your Garage for Car Storage

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Remodel Your Garage for Car Storage

If you plan on storing cars over the winter or want to start collecting cars, you’ll need to have a garage that suits all of your needs. Many car enthusiasts may already have a garage, but not all garages can fulfill your automobile desires. If you plan on storing additional cars, you may need to undergo a remodel project. These tips will help you identify the specifics that you will want to consider when remodeling your garage.

Figure Out the Cost

The first thing to do when beginning your garage remodel process is to figure out your budget. A chunk of your budget will consist of equipment that you’ll want to purchase. If you plan on purchasing items like tools, additional storage, or large equipment, that will add to your budget. Other elements to consider when figuring out the potential cost and budget for your remodel is to determine if you want new flooring, siding, roofing, or to expand your garage for other reasons. If you don’t know where to start financially, you could start a “garage remodel” fund and put some money aside from each paycheck into it. Another, likely faster, option to consider is borrowing against your home’s equity. Dependent on the timeline and size of your project all financial options should be considered to best suit your budget.

Room to Work

When remodeling your garage, you may want to add some additional workspace, especially if you are planning on any car restoration projects. There is no better time to work on your cars than when keeping them stored in your personal garage. One thing to consider is buying a car lift, especially if you have multiple cars in your garage, this will help free up some more workspace. Another way to create extra room to work in your newly remodeled garage space is by adding a storage cabinet that would help with organization. Add space by giving using additional storage items to help you store all your tools.

Determine What You Can Do vs. What You Need Professionals For

Naturally, it would be ideal to save as much money as you can throughout your remodel process. So, taking on some DIY projects where you see fit can save some financial stress throughout the remodel. However, not every project is something you can do yourself, there are certain tasks that you will need to call professionals for. DIY projects are great for things like creating new workstations and re-organizing your space. Another DIY opportunity could be installing a new floor in your garage, but depending on your handy skills, some require a contractor to come in and install them. If you decide you want to expand your garage and don’t know where to start in terms of design, you’ll want to hire a general contractor.


If you put the effort into remodeling your garage, you should put an equal effort into keeping it in solid shape after the remodel. Cleaning your garage regularly is a great way to keep a fresh look and positive environment. Proper upkeep can limit unnecessary wear and tear in your garage and potentially limit some costly future repairs. Keeping your garage clean can also limit the amount of dust that could settle on the cars that you are storing. Remodeling your garage to create an ideal space to store your cars can be a lengthy and expensive process. But by following these strategies and tips, you can construct the perfect place to keep and work on your vehicles.