Three Things to Discuss During Your First Call with an Auto Transport Company

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Three Items to Discuss With An Auto Transport Company

The biggest benefit of hiring an auto transport company is that they save you tons of time. To make the process less stressful, there are three items to discuss with an auto transport company:

1. Payment

First, this is likely the most important and will be most on your mind topic. Generally, that’s mostly what the first consultation will be about. Here are a few questions you can ask regarding what you’ll pay:

  • Is the auto transport quote free? Nine times out of 10, it will be, but it’s better not to assume. If there’s any cost expectation for receiving a car shipping quote, you need to know about it beforehand.
  • How much will the whole transport cost? Once the company knows what kind of car you have, where you want it to go, and any other specifications like whether door-to-door is provided or you’ll pick your vehicle up at the terminal, you’ll be able to get an accurate car shipping quote. If you cannot afford the initial quote, be sure to ask about any changes that could be made. For instance, switching from closed to open carrier or getting a larger window for pickup/delivery. A good company will work with you and help you develop a plan that suits your budget.
  • Are there any other fees? Hidden fees are the culprit of some companies out there and are the easiest ways people get scammed. This is a situation where you’ll have to ask upfront if any other fees might get added. If they act shifty or hedge on an answer, it’s not a company you want to deal with.

2. Documentation

Second, please don’t gloss over the legal aspects of setting up transport for your vehicle. While you don’t have to get down to the nitty-gritty, these are the main things you can ask:

  • Is the company licensed and bonded? Whether the company discloses this themselves or you do a search online with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or the Department of Transportation (DOT), this is important information to know. A good company will have no problem showing you actual documentation if you ask — and sometimes even if you don’t.
  • Is the company insured, and will your car be covered? In the unlikely situation of an accident or mishap, auto transport insurance will mean you recover some or all of your car’s value. By law, every auto transport company must provide proof of insurance; if they don’t, that’s a massive red flag. Remember that the company’s policy may not cover your car’s entire value, so ensure you have a clear idea of its coverage.
  • Can they provide references? While looking up reviews online is easy, they aren’t always accurate. Some companies out there will write their own reviews or hire people to do it for them. This is where it won’t hurt to ask for actual references from the company as part of your consultation documentation.

3. The Auto Transport Itself

Lastly, the first two points will help you decide if you’re dealing with a reputable company and whether you can afford their services. Here, you’ll be asking about the actual transport of your car, and there are several points of the three items to discuss with an auto transport company:

  • The date: when are you transporting the vehicle? Do you need it on the exact date you arrive, or can you be flexible at all to get a better price?
  • Locations: where is the car now, and where will it go? Depending on the situation and location, you might want to scout a large parking lot to make it easier to load and unload.
  • The actual car transport carrier: here is where you’ll also decide if you’re going to choose open or enclosed transport, as the price can change depending on which you choose. Both methods are secure and offer their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Your vehicle specs: what model is your car? Has it been damaged or modified in any way? Are you shipping a car that isn’t drivable? This is all-important to know, not only for ensuring there’s no damage during transport but also to ensure the best preparation and transport method is chosen for your vehicle’s size and needs.
  • How to prepare for the transport: you, as the owner, will have a few responsibilities, like cleaning the car and providing any necessary documentation like title or proof of insurance. Make sure you go over all this with your shipping company of choice. Here are some tips on how to prepare your car for transport.

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