Can I Ship A Car With Personal Items Inside?

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Shipping A Car With Personal Items Inside

Packing personal stuff while you’re already shipping your car from one destination to another isn’t a bad idea. You do save money while also creating more space in your baggage. But this comes with its advantages and disadvantages. So, you must adhere to the guidelines when you ship a car with personal items.

Best Practices for Shipping A Car with Personal Items Inside

Shipping items in your car costs you more and can be risky. But the best way to know your limitations is to communicate directly with the carrier and adopt the following best practices:

Know the weight limits

Always check with the car shipping company to know the weight restrictions and charges for anything additional. Usually, around 100 lbs. are shipped free of charge. But anything more than this can incur greater costs, resulting in hefty fines as well.

Follow below the window rule.

It’s best to pack stuff, not in one big suitcase and easily visible from the window. Arrange smaller bags or boxes. Not only does that keep you under the limits, but it also makes driving, loading, and unloading more manageable while preventing theft.

Don’t ship valuable items.

Cars packed with valuable items are at high risk of theft, especially if crowded up to the brim. So, pack things less expensive and less visible from the window since the driver takes no responsibility for these things.

Ship fragile items with proper packing

The most common shipping mode is via open transport, where vehicles sit on top of each other on the trailer, and it won’t necessarily be a smooth ride. Stuff can shift, break, or cause damage to the vehicle. So, pack items with extra layering and push them underneath the car seats, for instance, for better protection.

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While we always suggest our clients avoid having personal belongings inside the car when it’s ready for shipping, they can still pack limited stuff if it’s necessary. Avoid alcohol, explosives, firearms, prescription medicines or other drugs, precious valuables, etc.

If you’re looking to speak to an industry expert and dependable auto transport services provider in the US, Number 1 Auto Transport can help. We’re committed to offering the best possible shipping services anywhere in the country, at affordable prices, with or without your stuff packed in the vehicle.

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