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New York to Colorado Car Shipping Services

Moving from New York to Colorado is more common than you’d think. With New York being a diverse and vibrant state, plenty of folks are leaving for a more laid-back lifestyle in the Rocky Mountains. The combination of Colorado’s scenic beauty, outdoor activities, and thriving cultural scene makes it an attractive destination for those from the east coast. It certainly helps that the climate in Colorado is just right – offering a mix of seasons that many New Yorkers find appealing. Car shipping companies across the country have their eye on this route due to the increasing popularity of this relocation choice.

New York to Colorado Car Shipping

Whether you are shipping a daily commuter or a valuable exotic or antique to Colorado, these services are ready to assist you in making that approximately 2,000-mile journey. Some individuals may also want to ship their bikes – exploring iconic rides, including those through the Rockies. Colorado is a sought-after destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. Many won’t want to endure a long cross-country ride on their bikes to get there.

That’s why drivers and bikers reach out to auto transport companies like Number One Auto Transport. Whether your move is temporary or permanent, when you’re relocating, they will pick up your vehicle and transport it to and from wherever is most convenient for you. This could be from one dealer to another, from an old residence to a new one, or even to and from other specified drop-off points. The cost and time for transport vary and could range from 3-6 days to transport your vehicle. This duration might increase if inclement weather becomes a factor – considering the journey passes through the Rocky Mountains and Tornado Alley. To ensure the safety of vehicles, carriers with Number One Auto Transport will take necessary detours and make required stops to prevent potential damage.

Should I Ship a Car From New York to Colorado in an Open or Enclosed Transport Carrier?

The choice of auto shipping service may be influenced by the type of vehicle you’re transporting. Open transport, probably the first option that comes to mind when thinking about car shipping, is the most common way vehicles are shipped from New York to Colorado. It’s the most cost-effective method and offers a high frequency of regular trips between the two states, making it more likely that there will be a scheduled trip when you need it. However, for antique, classic, and exotic vehicles, as well as motorcycles, opting for enclosed transport might be the better choice. Although this method is pricier, the enclosed trailer ensures that your classic or exotic car is shielded from potential damage caused by wind or debris on the road.

Regardless of the service you choose, whether it’s a large carrier or a one- or two-vehicle carrier, open or enclosed, you can trust Number One Auto Transport to guarantee the safe delivery of your car, SUV, bike, or other vehicle to your new home in Colorado without a scratch.

Calculate Your Instant New York to Colorado Car Shipping Quote

After looking at the different types of services you can get from each auto transport company, you might wonder what the cost will be. Well, what car shipping will cost depends on the service category you plan to take. The price also depends on where in the state you are shipping from and where you are sending your vehicle. You can do it within $1000 or so if you are doing open carrier shipping, depending on the company you work with. Cost can rise to over twice that if you are using enclosed shipping. Pricing depends on when you want to ship it and the exact places you send it.

NY to CO Auto Shipping Cost and Transit Times for New York to Colorado Auto Transport Routes

The distance between New York and Colorado is vast. New York is a sizable state, ranking fourth in the country, stretching hundreds of miles from top to bottom. Colorado spans a significant horizontal distance across the western United States. With regular trips between these states, certain routes stand out more than others. These varying distances can impact the cost of shipping a car from New York to Colorado. We calculate the overall shipping costs without much difficulty. Keep in mind that depending on different auto transport companies and the size of the carrier, the shipping rate and estimated car shipment time might vary. However, here are some approximate fees for specific routes between New York and Colorado:

  1. New York City, New York, to Denver, Colorado, is around 2,020 miles, and it takes 4-7 days to transport your car. The car shipping cost might vary, but it is ultimately within $1,050 and $1,250 if you choose an open carrier or enclosed car carrier, respectively.

  2. Buffalo, New York, to Colorado Springs, Colorado, is around 1,860 miles; shipping your car takes approximately 4-7 days. It will cost about $1,400 if you use the enclosed carrier and $800 if you use the open carrier.

  3. Albany, New York, to Boulder, Colorado, is another notable shipping destination, around 2,445 miles. It takes 5-8 days for more extensive vehicle shipping to the final destination. It costs around $1,000 to $1,200, which can vary depending on your model and date of transport.

  4. Syracuse, New York, to Aurora, Colorado, is a massive 2,524 miles, and your car will be shipped within 5-8 days. It costs around $1,050 to $1,250 for transport.

  5. Rochester, New York, to Fort Collins, Colorado, costs around $1,025 to $1,225, depending on the service and car model. The distance you are getting your car shipped is around 2,029 miles, and transport may take 4-7 days.

  6. Yonkers, New York, to Lakewood, Colorado, is around 2,130 miles, which takes 4-7 days to ship. The cost of shipping your vehicle can be around $650 to $1,000 if you are looking for the best transportation company to ship your vehicle.


How much does it cost to ship a car from New York to Colorado?

Wondering how much it costs to transport your car from  New York to Colorado? Here’s a breakdown of key factors that affect your Texas car shipping rate:

  1. Distance: The longer the journey, the higher the cost. Expect this to be the main driver of your quote.
  2. Locations: Where you’re shipping from and to plays a role. Specific city traffic, distance from major highways, and pickup/drop-off ease can impact pricing.
  3. Trailer Type: Choose open-air transport for a more affordable option, or opt for enclosed trailers for extra protection at a higher cost.
  4. Vehicle Details: Size, and weight of your car are two factors that can influence the auto transport rate.
  5. Seasonality: Demand for car shipping fluctuates throughout the year. Busier seasons may lead to slightly higher prices depending on the route.

Get an Exact New York to Colorado Auto Transport Rate:

For the most accurate car shipping rate, tell us:

  • Your car’s type and details
  • Origin and destination cities
  • Flexible shipping dates (if possible)
  • Preferred trailer type (open or enclosed)

With this information, you’ll get a personalized car shipping rate tailored to your specific needs.