How Car Shipping Services Work

How Car Shipping Services Work 2019-02-11T13:13:44+00:00

At Number 1 Auto Transport, our car shipping services are designed to ensure you are fully satisfied transporting your vehicle. We offer one of the cheapest auto transport rates around. When a customer call or email for car shipping services, we automatically start off with a free quote to give to them. Most people can agree that our free quotes are one of the cheapest auto transport rates you’ll find.

Our Car Shipping Services Begin…

After the car shipping services order is submitted from our free car shipping quote page, your vehicle will be scheduled for transport according to the first date available. Ninety percent of our orders get assigned within one week of initial contact. Once assigned, the vehicle normally is picked up within a day or two of the assigned ship date. We’ll send an email to help you prepare for the vehicle shipment. The truck driver also will call your pick up contact to finalize delivery plans.

An important part of our car shipping services is how your auto remains safe and secure throughout the transport process. Once the driver arrives at the pickup location, a detailed inspection of your vehicle is done. All information is noted on the Bill of Lading before leaving. You will both sign this form and receive a copy. Information noted includes any dents, scratches or missing parts. It’s recommended you take several digital photos of the vehicle before pick up and after delivery.

Our Car Shipping Services End…

As the driver nears the drop off location, the driver will call your destination contact. As part of our car shipping services, you’ll receive updates of the transport procedure and the driver’s telephone number. The driver takes every precaution to deliver your vehicle without incident. Upon arrival, the driver will walk with you while you inspect the vehicle for damage. The same Bill of Lading you’ve signed before will be present on delivery for you to sign.

We offer free auto transport quotes on any vehicle. We would love for you to see our car shipping reviews, but in the meantime contact us today for the cheapest auto transport rates in the industry.