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Does Number 1 Auto Transport Offer Automotive Dealership Car Shipping?

Car shipping is a complex process that many shoppers find troublesome after they purchase a new car. Cars are shipped to dealers and holding lots many times over during their lives, but buyers do not want to pick up a brand-new car after they have purchased it on a trip. Door-to-door auto transport service is of the utmost importance, and secure shipping is required for such expensive cargo. Sometimes customers do not have the means to visit an automotive dealership to purchase their new vehicles; therefore, shipping is required.

Many people purchase from us that are from Washington, California, or even New York. They come to us because we have the vehicles they need at much more competitive costs than their local dealerships, and at times they cannot find the vehicles they want locally. This becomes a complicated process when trying to pick up the vehicle. This is why you should utilize a car dealership shipping service company, like Number 1 Auto Transport, to ship your vehicle.

Reasons for Using a Car Dealership Shipping Service Company 

The customer may also have a trade-in requiring them to drive it to us, leading to time off of their employment, possibly a second driver, and a road trip. The challenge is that the more miles are put on their vehicle, the less the car is worth its trade-in value. They are lessening the money they can receive for their car by bringing it to us.   They also face the challenge of locating the dealership fighting through traffic in an area that they do not know well, and finally arriving at the dealership to face hours’ worth of financing and paperwork to take possession of a car that they will have more paperwork to pay the tax, tag, and title in their respective state.

The good news is that using a car dealership shipping service company is a much more practical solution for these people. Rather than face the challenges of purchasing a vehicle from a distance on their own, we can offer to ship the car. This will, of course, have a cost per mile, but when you add up the time off of work, the flight cost, or the fees involving a road trip (gas, snacks, hotels, etc.), most of the time, it is well worth the additional cost. The convenience alone is worth the cost of shipping because by shipping the vehicle from the car dealership, the consumer can fill out the paperwork at their convenience and not have to wait at a dealership. This service is an excellent option for those looking for a specific car or who want Oklahoma’s cheaper options than their homes.

Automotive Dealership Shipping Methods

There are two types of ways for you to ship a car. You can either ship via an Open or Enclosed car carrier. The cheapest option is via an open-car trailer. These are the same carriers used to ship cars to and from car dealerships. The enclosed trailer will protect the car from wind, rain, and inclement weather. The car will be inspected before pick up and after delivery to ensure it has been transported in good condition. The goal is to arrive at the customer just as it would off the showroom floor.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping for Vehicle Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

Door-to-door service is an essential part of the shipping process. Depending on the location, some customers might have to meet the carrier in a parking lot or up the block if they cannot fit in front of their house. Door-to-door service at fair prices helps shoppers get a hold of their vehicles. Safe holiday car delivery gives each driver a pristine car when it comes off the truck, and every driver walks away happy. 

Have Questions or Need A Car Dealership Shipping Quote?

If you have questions or want a car shipped to you from a dealership, email us or Call 855-422-4141 for a FREE QUOTE. We look forward to the opportunity of providing a car dealership shipping service to you.

Every car that is transported is shipped under a flat fee schedule. One car has its price, and shipping multiple cars simultaneously will be shipped at a discounted rate. Cars must be shipped based on weight and size, but weighty cars might be charged a small premium. Customers who purchase large vehicles will not be priced out of delivery once they have made their purchase. Every car shopper who must have their car delivered should work with a company offering all the above services.