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    Why Clients Trust Number 1 Auto Transport to Ship Their Cars to West Virginia

    When you’re looking for the best auto transport company to ship your car to West Virginia, you don’t have to look far. Number 1 Auto Transport is the West Virginia auto transport & car shipping company clients trust. Our auto transport team are experts in their field, providing industry-leading customer service. From providing transparent quotes and pricing to working with you through the transport itself, every team member will have the utmost respect and honesty for yourself and your vehicle.

    Number 1 Auto uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure reliability and holds contracted drivers to high standards. This helps make West Virginia car shipping much easier than most folks think it is, even with the mountains that make up much of the state. Whether you are hauling a pile driver or reclaimer on a lowboy from one project in Charleston to another; living in Huntington and bringing your luxury car in from Clarksburg, Wheeling, or even outside of the state and you want it protected from the elements in an enclosed carrier, or living outside Morgantown. You need your car transported in an open-air carrier to Parkersburg, Weirton, Fairmont, Beckley, and beyond; number 1 Auto Transport has the experience, equipment, and people to get it right every time.

    Moving to West Virginia? Ship Your Car with Number 1 Auto Transport

    The only state sitting entirely in Appalachia, West Virginia brings to mind bucolic hills, outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, and hunting, and a peaceful way of life. And that’s pretty accurate. It’s a small state – 24,230 square miles means it is 41 overall – with 1.8 million residents, sitting right in the middle of the pack as far as density goes. It’s spread evenly as well, with cities sprinkled across the state but none being massive. In fact, the largest city, Charleston, is the second-smallest “largest city” in the country, even though states like Wyoming, Delaware, and North Dakota have only a fraction of West Virginia’s population. So what else makes West Virginia so unique?

    • West Virginia is the state that coal built. In the late 1800s, the coalfields of West Virginia became an important resource for the growing industrial country. While we’ve seen plenty of alternatives to coal develop as we move towards a greener, more environmentally-friendly energy, West Virginia is still the second-largest producer of coal in the country. The coal industry accounts for 2% of all employment in the state.
    • Given enough time, coal will turn into a diamond – and that’s exactly what happened in Peterstown in 1928. The Jones family discovered a 34-carat diamond, the largest alluvial diamond ever discovered in North America.
    • Want to visit one of the oldest and most famous resorts in America? Near White Sulphur Springs, the Greenbrier has been a destination for Americans since 1778, with its waters having supposed curative powers, including easing arthritis. While that’s never been proven – or disproven – it hasn’t stopped 26 presidents, along with foreign dignitaries such as Indira Gandhi, the Duke of Windsor, and Princess Grace of Monaco from making it a destination.
    • West Virginia was once meant to be the refuge of the American Government in a nuclear war. Located under the Greenbrier, a bunker meant to house Congress in the case of all-out nuclear war was installed while the hotel was undergoing expansion in the 1950s. Today, it is declassified and can be toured by visitors.
    • The most poorly-named river globally, the New River is the oldest in North America and potentially second only to the Nile as far as the oldest in the world. Much like the Nile, it also flows from south to north, which sets it apart from pretty much every other river on the eastern seaboard.
    • The New River is central when it comes to outdoor activities around West Virginia. It’s one of the best fishing rivers in the state, boasting populations of everything from smallmouth and largemouth bass, to striped bass, to walleyes, varieties of catfish, and much more. It has major Class II and Class III rapids but also flat water areas for canoeing and motorboating. It also has the New River Gorge Bridge, a picturesque bridge that is one of America’s highest bridges and is the longest steel span bridge in the Western hemisphere.
    • Sitting in the tiny sliver of West Virginia between Ohio and Pennsylvania, Weirton is the only city in the country that sits in one state but touches two other state borders.
    • One of the most well-known cryptids in the world – right up there with Nessie, Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and the Yeti – the Mothman is supposedly seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. It has its own festival, was the subject of numerous books over the years, including The Mothman Prophecies, and even has its own beer!

    Enclosed Auto Transport to West Virginia

    The mountains of West Virginia make for some weather oddities. The state itself doesn’t see much in the way of severe weather through the year – it’s sheltered from the coast’s hurricanes and sees very few tornadoes every year. It does see more than its fair share of blustery winter weather, though, and the mountains themselves can bring hazards, including falling rocks and debris. The terrain also breeds heavy fog banks and lots of cloudy days throughout the year. With the unpredictable and often dangerous weather and terrain, it’s not surprising that many car owners looking to ship a vehicle to or through West Virginia partnered with a company that is used to preparing for and avoiding weather events. When you opt to send your vehicle via an enclosed auto transport when looking for car transport in West Virginia, you’ll avoid damage from rain, wind-blown debris in storms, and other curveballs the weather throws out there. Having your car shipped to West Virginia in an enclosed carrier is a smart investment for your investment.

    The safest way to transport your car to West Virginia is within an enclosed auto transport. There are two options for shipping your car via enclosed auto transport:

    • Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – The heavy canvas covering the carriers protects your car from wind-blown debris, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.
    • Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – In addition to the advantages provided by soft-sided carriers, hard-sided carriers offer protection for your car in the unlikely event your car is exposed to possible damage during transportation.

    Open Auto Transport to West Virginia

    Thinking about using open auto transport for your West Virginia car transport needs? Open carriers are the same double-decker car carriers the dealerships use. Your vehicle will be secured with state-of-the-art equipment, and it will arrive at its destination within seven days of departure. Open auto transport is a secure and affordable way of shipping your car, protecting your vehicle from road vibration, excess mileage, and more.

    Lowboy Carriers to West Virginia

    Those mountains also make it a pain to get construction equipment from one site to the next, with steep inclines, tight back roads, and other headaches. Add to that the amount of mining and logging equipment moving around to support these two major economic drivers, and there is more than enough transport to be done. From timber companies moving skidders and feller bunchers, to mining concerns transferring mining tractors, oversized trucks, and power shovels, to builders needing to have a dozer or excavator moved, they want to be able to call on a team that has experience. They don’t want to tie up their skilled tradesmen and women. That’s why construction teams across the Mountain State rely on West Virginia auto transport experts to make sure they stay on schedule and everything gets to the next site safely – they turn to the West Virginia equipment transport experts and the lowboy teams at Number 1 Auto Transport.

    Transporting heavy construction equipment is a serious business. Our veteran lowboy carrier drivers are trained to handle oversized loads, as well as high gross tonnage. Number 1 Auto’s drivers are skilled in moving heavy equipment in and out of job sites and navigating busy highways with unique loads.

    The Steps We Take When Shipping a Car to West Virginia…

    The best way to answer the question of “How to ship my car to West Virginia” is to show you just how we operate our auto shipping business. We know car owners won’t trust just any car shipping company to move their vehicle across states – they want to experience and reputation. Here’s how we do it:

    1. First, once your order is placed, we’ll start the process of moving a car to West Virginia. This usually happens within a week. We’ll continue updating you on important information, including the time and date of pickup, tracking number, and the truck driver’s number.
    2. Then, the truck driver will call you to finalize delivery plans. All Number 1 Auto drivers strive to take care of all vehicles carried as if they are their own. Protecting your car against any damage from delivery is their ultimate concern. You’ll also sign and receive a Bill of Lading before the driver leaves.
    3. Finally, once the vehicle arrives in West Virginia, both you and the driver will inspect the vehicle for any damage. This is also the time when you will sign the final inspection report. It’s that simple!

    Shipping a Car from West Virginia

    From folks setting out for a career in mining or timber to grads and postgrads headed to West Virginia University or Marshall, West Virginia has plenty of need for a reliable car transport service. Working with Number 1 Auto saves frustration, as well as money and time. From folks headed for higher education in Wheeling to our military members relocating to NSA Sugar Grove Station, our clients are at ease knowing that the best West Virginia car shipping company is here to help. It’s easy to bring in their car or truck no matter where they’re being transferred from!

    Have Questions or Need a Car Shipping Quote for West Virginia?

    Please email us or Call 855-422-4141 for a FREE CAR SHIPPING QUOTE to ship your car to West Virginia. We look forward to giving you quick answers to any questions you may have! Our goal is to provide our West Virginia clients with the best car shipping service at the most reasonable auto transport rates available.

    Number 1 Auto Transport is insured – In the unlikely event your car suffers damage during its auto transport to West Virginia, we have you covered! Our insurance team will get the claim handled quickly and efficiently.