What Are The Latest Safety Systems I Should Look For In A New Car?

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Auto Safety Systems 

Staying safe behind the wheel is a major decision-maker for many car buyers. While your vehicle is safe when being shipped on an auto transporter with Number 1 Auto Transport, you also need it to be safe when piloting your hometown roads or on long-distance vacation trips.

There are a ton of safety features out there on the road today. Everything from the standbys to the most cutting-edge drive-by-wire, computer-assisted system, or the latest materials and communications for accident response. So, what safety systems should you look for in a new vehicle?

The Standards

Even the most affordable cars today offer more safety features than luxury cars of the 80s and even more recently. Automatic emergency braking, rear-seat reminder systems, and backup cameras are standard on everything except the most stripped-down vehicles on the road. Airbags, safety belts, and other usual suspects are also there – sometimes, there’s little to improve on these basics. Aside from the latching technology in some cases, safety belts are still nearly identical to the safety belts of 50 years ago.

Advanced Safety Systems

Beyond the basics, these safety systems

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

LDWS uses vehicle-mounted cameras to detect road markings on both sides of the vehicle and alerts the driver when the vehicle begins to drift without a turn signal. When it detects drifting, the system issues clear visuals (lights, mirror indicators) and sound warnings, sometimes along with steering wheel vibration, to alert the driver. This allows the driver to react immediately, avoiding drifting into adjacent lanes or off the road.

Lane Keeping Assist System

LDWS warns about unintentionally leaving your path of travel – lane-keeping, take action. Using the same camera systems, lane keep assist responds to drifting indicators and gives warnings. However, if not heeded, assist systems will activate the power steering system and automatically begin moving back into the lane of travel, even before you begin to respond. This provides a head start on regaining control of the vehicle and continuing safely.

Smart High Beam Assist

When night falls, illumination and vision become even more critical. In some instances, you need a possible light to see obstacles ahead. In others, you need reduced lighting to not blind pedestrians or drivers. High beam assist automatically detects light from your surroundings and oncoming vehicles, adjusting the headlight output accordingly. This prevents blinding other drivers or pedestrians with your high beams, preventing loss of control or possible incident.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Under-inflated tires can cause many problems, including reduced fuel economy, handling, and ride comfort. They can lead to a flat tire that will leave you stranded, or even worse, they can collapse and cause a loss of control while moving. TPMS monitors air pressure and alerts the driver when there is a problem. This allows the driver to find a place to stop and fill up the tires as soon as possible.

Vehicle Stability Management

Staying in control of your vehicle can help to keep you out of dire situations. VSM provides driving stability, while integrated sensors provide alerts and adjustments. This provides a responsive vehicle, even on wet or snowy roads, that can give you the extra edge to avoid surprises.

The Next Wave of Safety Systems – Mercedes-Benz Pre-Safe

Mercedes-Benz has long been a leader in safety advancements, and the Pre-Safe system is the pinnacle of its success, a constantly evolving system. The system is an active safety technology that detects probable collisions and helps drivers react appropriately or, if they do not respond, will act to try to avoid an accident. Pre-Safe uses sensors to detect conditions that can lead to accidents, including detecting rapidly closing the distance between the Mercedes and other cars or objects, loss of traction or grip, calculating lateral acceleration, steering angle, car yaw, and potential loss of control is imminent. Other triggers, including panic braking, critical steering maneuvers, or detection inputs from the automatic cruise control system, can also prompt Pre-Safe.

Once Pre-Safe detects imminent danger, it warns the driver using visual and audio warnings. If the driver does not react, the system automatically tightens the seat belts for extra safety, moves the power seats into the upright position, and primes the brakes for faster response. It will apply the brakes to an extent but not bring the car to a complete, immediate stop. This at least reduces the severity of the impending impact. Airbags are also primed for fast deployment upon impact.

If the driver loses control and the possibility of skidding or rollover is detected, Pre-Safe can also act in other ways to make the possible incident more survivable. Pre-Safe will automatically close the sunroof and all open windows to prevent debris from flying in or body parts from flying out and becoming more vulnerable.

This system is likely to be expanded into more affordable cars and is a shining example of the next wave of safety systems. It’s not just automated driving; it’s safe driving!

Transporting Safety

Like our team at Number 1 Auto Transport, we will keep your car safe during transport, and these systems will keep you safe when you’re behind the wheel! Your car’s safety and those inside it are paramount to enjoying your car and integrating it into your daily life. Make sure you are looking for some of these safety systems in your next vehicle, and don’t stop until you find the one that is perfect for your situation. Even if hundreds of miles away, Number 1 Auto Transport can bring it to you to ensure safety wishes are a reality!

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