Bringing Dad Home: How Number 1 Auto Transport Helped a Grieving Family Through a Difficult Time

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How Number 1 Auto Transport helped a Grieving Family Through a Difficult Time

There are countless reasons why a consumer may need to employ the service of an auto transport company.  For example,  you may be relocating across the country and needs to bring your vehicle with them to your new destination.  Perhaps a family is taking an extended vacation overseas and desires to have their familiar car with them to reduce the costs and risks of traversing in a foreign country.  There may be a situation where more vehicles than licensed drivers exist in a household, and a need for an extra driver becomes necessary.  Regardless of the reason, the availability of a reliable, trustworthy auto transport company becomes vital in these situations.

Now you realize you need to retain this helpful industry’s services, how do you select the right company?  The answer is almost too obvious-research the company’s reputation and corporate motto.

Number 1 Auto Transport Company is not bashful about its method of operations and proudly announces its company goal: “If you do right by the customer, your business will succeed.”   Company founders Rob and Sam have been practicing this policy of putting the customer first for generations, and satisfied customer reviews will support that it is definitely paying off! A brief review of the BBB will evidence a long history of moral and ethical practices.

When contracting with auto transport companies, a big risk that customers face is that the “quoted estimate” magically changes by hundreds or thousands of dollars when their vehicle is delivered.  Unfortunately, at this point, as the driver stands holding your keys hostage, the consumer has little bargaining power and is stuck paying the inflated invoice.  Luckily this is not a risk at Number 1 Auto.  Number 1 Auto prides itself on being transparent about all its contract costs.  There will be no hidden fees or surprises when working with this company.  You will know exactly what your final cost will be when your vehicle is placed on their truck.

Number 1 Auto stands behind its word, allowing you to stand confidently behind Number 1 Auto.  Another concern consumers should consider when selecting a transport company is the safety of their vehicle in transit.  As in any industry, the care and protection of your personal property should be of the utmost concern for the company in possession of your property.  Number 1 Auto employs strict policies regarding the care and handling of your vehicle.  They insist that you carefully inspect your vehicle, including taking pictures, before taking possession of it.  Both driver and the owner will re-inspect your vehicle upon delivery to ensure that no damage was caused in transit.

In sum, a prudent consumer will consider the following when selecting an auto transport company: reputation in the community, reliability and trustworthiness, and transparency regarding costs and fees.  When weighing all these factors, I am confident that you will find that Number 1 Auto wins, hands down!  How do I know this? Because I am proud to say that I am a delighted customer, myself!  With great pleasure, I share a little bit about my experience with this amazing company.

I reside in Mooresville, North Carolina, but I feel as if I have held down a dual residency in both North Carolina and the fine state of Texas for the last year.  For the last year, I have commuted weekly back and forth between the two states.  It was not for any of the aforementioned reasons that I traversed across the country.  Sadly, it was for a more tragic rationale.  Last year, my father was treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  In our state, Duke, Wake Forest, and Levine Cancer Centers had no means to treat his aggressive form of leukemia. I relocated him to Houston to participate in clinical trials.

On August 11, 2018, my daddy was released from MD Anderson to return to NC to receive hospice palliative care with no further options available.  Time became critical to my family.  We did not know how much time daddy had left, and he insisted that he spend his final days in the comfort of his North Carolina home with his family.  Oncologists warned that he might not survive the 16-hour car ride home, so we quickly made flight arrangements to get daddy home.  Getting our car back to the east coast was not a priority, but I definitely needed to work it out.

After a quick internet search, I came across Number 1 Auto. Enlisting my father’s employer’s assistance, we quickly secured a carrier to deliver our car from Houston to Mooresville.  To say the company was responsive and helpful would be a grave understatement.  From the moment I called to inquire about their services to the minute the car was delivered to my home, the company was kind, courteous, and cooperative.  They were susceptible to my family’s situation and even offered to pick up the hospital’s vehicle so we could take dad directly to the airport.  During transit, I received updates regarding location status and ETAs.  They arrived at our home exactly when estimated.  The car was in great shape, and the invoice was exactly as promised.

While it may seem a minor matter, my ability to rely on an auto transport company in this situation meant the world to my family and me.  It meant that I could buying and shipping cars onlinespend precious moments with my father instead of sitting in an office negotiating contract terms.  It meant holding my daddy’s hand as he took his last breath and being able to say my final goodbyes.  When Number 1 Auto brought our car home, they did much more than give us a lift home.  They lifted the spirits and hearts of a grieving family so we could focus on what was really important.

So what should you look for in an auto transport company?  You only need to look for the name.  If the name is Number 1 Auto Transport, you need to look no further. You have found the most reliable and considerate name in the industry!  Thank you for the “lift” Number 1 Auto-we will forever be grateful for your kind and professional service!

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